After barely catching a flight from Bulgaria, (We literally bought our tickets 5 minutes before departure time) the 5 of us headed to Latvia where Kenny’s friend Raimonds was hooking us up with place to stay. We soon discovered that there was next to nothing to skate in Riga, the capital. We stayed for a few days and tried to make it happen but it was bad. Raimonds drove us to Lithuania in hopes that we could find better spots, which we did, but it rained for almost a week once we got there. We were all at each others throats pretty bad until the rain finally let up and we could skate again.

-Jonathan Mehring

This place was called the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai, Lithuania. It was really crazy but no one could tell us why this spot was chosen. Apparently Christians from all over the Baltics come to visit this spot and leave a cross behind.

Jack Sabback - switch 5-0. This was the only spot we could find in Riga. It was pretty awkward because you had to land back on top of the ledge to make it past the stairs.

Kenny Reed - backside flip. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Kenny Reed - front blunt. Palanga, Lithuania. This was a mausoleum for WWII vets and a few minutes after skating it a couple taxi drivers came running over, grabbed Kenny's board and threw it as far as they could. They wanted to fight us but luckily we had a local skater with us named Ginteras who diffused the situation.

After a few days in Vilnius, Bobby, Mike Fox, and Jack left for Paris leaving Kenny and I to finish his interview in Lithuania. With no filmer available I shot a sequence of this 5-0 for Kenny. Which of course was run as a still in the magazine. He was worried that no one would believe he landed it. Now unfortunately I cannot find the sequence. I've looked in every binder I have and had the magazine look in their archives. If I come across it one day I'll post it on here but until then you'll just have to take my word for it. Kenny did do this.