Around 2004 I really started wanting to go to Russia. I’m not exactly sure why but it seemed like a very unusual place from what I’d heard from a few friends who had been there. Just different culturally and it seemed like it was kind of a dark place and mysterious at the same time. By 2005 I had lined up a crew to go to Moscow and then into Eastern Europe for a few weeks. I caught the tail end of a Planet Earth trip out there and convinced Bobby Puleo to come along as well. Kenny Reed, Jack Sabback, filmer Mike Fox, Bobby and I ended up on an insane 7 week trip from Moscow through Latvia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria. To start, here is the Moscow section.

-Jonathan Merhing

Someone apparently tried to roll this car down the hill and into the Moscow River without any luck.

Nate and Jack

Ed Selego - Switch front heel.

I was really into using this old camera that made things look somewhat off. A little blurring and light leaks seemed good at the time but I think it was the last time I used it. A few too many images were totally ruined I believe.

Jack Sabback - nosegrind.

If you look closely you can see Nate Jones fakie 360 flipping into the bank!

"Crapdogs". At least that's what we thought it looked like. We ate here way too much that week.

This was definitely Bobby's number on this trip. He left the states without any contact info for Russia. A taxi driver charged him hundreds of dollars taking him to dinner and an internet cafe to find our apartment, and then he broke the wardrobe door and the shower rack once he got there. It was definitely not his favorite time but he is one of the funniest dudes you could ever meet so the rest of us loved having him along.


Jack Sabback - wallride nollie out.

Victory Park

Nate Jones - back tail on a ledge.

We crashed with the Earth team in the apartment they had rented and packed 11 people into the cramped 2 bedroom. The landlady came by unexpectedly and freaked out on us the second to last night we were there. She was throwing our stuff around and cursing and screaming. She kicked us all out on the spot. It was 12:00 midnight and we had no idea where to go. The Earth crew had a flight in the morning so they just went to the airport early. The rest of us ended up staying at this guy Andrie's house on the hardwood floor. We took a train to Latvia the next evening. This photo was taken while waiting for Andrie to come pick us up.