Today I came across a few photos of some of my favorite skaters to shoot with from over the years. Shot in Miami, Maryland, Philly, Jersey, NC, and DC. Some of them have never been published. Enjoy.

-Jonathan Mehring

If Bill Strobeck wasn't a filmer he might be a fork lift driver.

Danny Renaud, nollie kickflip. Miami.

Danny Renaud, frontside 360. Miami.

Danny Renaud

Forest Kirby, nosegrind. Miami.

Jake Rupp at home in Maryland.

Jake Rupp, hurricane. Barn ramp, Maryland.

Jake Rupp, nollie shifty. Maryland.

Jake Rupp, ollie up boardslide to fakie. DC.

Kenny Reed, NC.

Kerry Getz, kickflip fakie. Philly.

Kerry Getz, nollie backside 180. Philly.

Fred Gall, varial flip. NJ.

Fred Gall, 50-50. Newark, NJ.