Rowley pushing like a hellion

Geoff Rowley

Ben Nordberg pays the toll

The Skateboarder Magazine crew

Hoppin' fences with Clint Peterson

Hangin' at the Brooklyn Projects ramp in West Hollywood with Sal Barbier, Kevin "Spanky" Long, and Neckface.

Braydon Szafranski showed up to rip a little.

Braydon - bsts

Spanky - hurricane

Braydon - fsts lookin' like Zorro

Sal - 5-0 fakie

Spanky aired

Spanky and Neck. Bad habits kids. Don't try 'em at home.


Braydon - kinked bluntslide

On the shred with Neen Williams, Spanky, and Braydon

Neck calling collect

Spanky got busy with a wallie boardslide behind some building we got kicked out of.

Kevin "Spanky" Long

Went to see Battles at the Mayan Theatre with some bros.

Tino Razo came along.