This week for the post I picked a random binder from my closet and when I opened it a stack of prints fell out. This is what I found:


Jason Dill.... Picking his nose? I have no idea where this was taken. Possibly Max Fish.

Must have been early 04 that I went to Birmingham AL for 3 weeks. I was to shoot an interview for SLAP with Ben Gilley. That was one of the last things I did before moving to Skateboarder. Here Ben was warming up with a nosegrind at their park. Shot on a T4.

One of the portraits I shot of Ben for his interview. The lab actually messed up the film and it gave it this cool look. Even though the neg was extremely thin it still printed pretty well.

Around the same time I went to LA and met Flo Marfang and Alex Carolino. They were filming for the DC video and I tagged along on a couple filming missions. This shot of Flo was in their hotel room with only 2 (or maybe 3) flashes. The Carolino portrait was used in his SLAP interview but I don' t think this one ever ran.

Bobby Puleo 180 nosegrinding in Sofia Bulgaria. This was actually in 05. Not sure why it was in that particular binder. I went on a 2 month trip to Russia and Eastern Europe with a random crew. Probably one of my first self produced trips.

I think this one is from 04. Or maybe 03. It's from Bobby's collection art show in Philly.

Pat Rakestraw singing to a rake. Where? When? Why? I think maybe Raleigh, NC.

Chet Childress at the Wilmington, NC skatepark. Whoa, chill - heavy Gaberman influence.

Forest Kirby - Early grab method. Miami skatepark. Must have been winter 04.

Nate Brousard, Danny Montoya, Forest Kirby. Somewhere. Miami as well?

Chris Hall, Jake Rupp, and Paul McElroy. DC.

Ryan Nix aka "Cryin Nix". 2 front teeth missing, the next 2 with gold caps, in a van next to a porn collage.

Adam Alfaro and Gareth Stehr. Must have been in AL too.