I opened up a folder from 2005 and I discovered some photos from 2004 – 2006. The first few pages were several unpublished photos of Bobby Worrest and Bobby Puleo. Enjoy.

-Jonathan Mehring

Bobby Worrest 50-50, Washington, DC. This was shot with a 40mm Hasselblad lens I used to have. I only found a couple skate spots I could ever use it for. This was one of them.

Bobby Worrest - crooks. Washington, DC. Most of these Bobby W. photos were shot while working on an interview for Skateboarder. These are some that didn't make the cut.

Bobby Worrest - front nose. Somewhere in Maryland.

Bobby Worrest - Nollie flip. Washington, DC. This is the infamous Georgetown double set. You can only skate it at night and you only get a few tries before security kicks you out. Bobby nailed this second try. One flash sequence...

Bobby Worrest - 50-50 gap out. Washington, DC.

Bobby Puleo - tailslide. Queens, NY. This is probably the last photo I shot of Bob.