It’s amazing how many photos get shot on a trip and how few make into the limited pages of a magazine. It’s nice to have the internet to show the things I think are noteworthy. Or at least my lack of editing skills…

-Jonathan Mehring

It took hours of waxing and curb grinding to get this monster to go. Bobby came thru right at sundown with this gnarly 50-50 landing into a hill.

Illimani translated as "Golden Eagle" This mountain overlooks La Paz and ancient people believed it was a god.

La Paz at sunrise.

We hired a van driver each day to take us around but not without a few troubles.

Kevin Terpening. Ollie.

Bobby Worrest, Switch front board.

Local ripper

Good ol' South American emissions quality. Nestor gets a face full.

Nestor Judkins, frontside wallride.

Fred Gall, frontside wallride.

Bobby Worrest, frontside wallride. Wallride mania!

Jack Sabback, wallride nollie out. Yes, more wallrides.

Killer parade

I asked these guys if I could take their photo and the said, "Only if we are drinking beer in it."

Dylan Rieder, frontside flip at Milton's house.

Bobby on the sketchiest playground ever. This thing was about to fall over. Shores of Lake Titicaca.

Milton Arellano, frontside ollie. Lake Titicaca roller rink.

Steve Forstner, pivot.

On the way around Lake Titicaca we had to cross a small section of it on this ferry. This seemed sketchy until we saw a full sized bus going across it as well.

The ferry driver was about 16.

Some of us took a boat to Isla Del Sol for the night. It's an island in the middle of the lake.

Isla Del Sol

Of course we had to go for a swim in the highest lake in the world. It was freezing cold.

Church service we walked by.

The lake is at 12,500 feet. The atmosphere is thin which makes the stars insanely bright.

The Milky Way.

Jack Sabback, 180 nosegrind back in La Paz.

Steve Forstner, ollie. Photo: Joe Bouillot. This went down when I was in the hospital with Salmonella.

After a week of being bed ridden with Salmonella Steve tried to get gnarly across the street from Milton's house. Sometimes these things don't work out so well.

This spot took out Steve, Dylan and local ripper Kenneth Davalos as well. You'll have to check out the mag for Steve's smith grind though.

Fred Gall, ollie. Another almoster possibly due to lack of oxygen. La Paz is at 11,000 feet.

Kenneth Davalos.

Kenneth Davalos, kickflip.

Milton Arellano, 360 flip.

Llama fetuses are buried in the foundations of most houses in La Paz. Supposedly they bring luck and prosperity to a family.

People tie these dummies up to deter thieves.

A funeral procession.

Jack Sabback, ollie in some awesome playground.

A graveyard, La Paz, and Illimani.