This isn’t the Lone Star State anymore. With Austin X Games in full swing, some of the brightest rising stars in action sports are coming together to stand out as individuals while also setting the tone for a whole new generation of young athletes.

The bunch is arguably led by Tom Schaar, 16, who was the first to land a 1080 (three full rotations) on a skateboard. He has been strutting his stuff in Skateboard Big Air and Skateboard Park, with a gold, silver and three bronze X Games medals to his name, the first of which he won at 14 years young.

Here are a few more must-watch young masters in Austin and on the rest of the summer circuit.

Jagger Eaton, 15


Jagger Eaton competing in round one of Skateboard Big Air during X Games Austin 2014. Photo: Courtesy of Peter Morning/ESPN Images

Discipline: Skateboard Street

X File: X Games Austin 2016 Skateboard Amateurs bronze medalist, Eaton already boasts five X Games appearances, where he has competed with the pros in Skateboard Big Air since 2012.

“I can’t believe I’ve been competing at the X Games for 4 years now,” Jagger told GrindTV. “I’ve done Big Air for two years, Street for two years and it never gets old. I enjoy this event every time I come and I’m so thankful that they keep inviting me because I never want to stop coming!”

Details: Beating Nyjah Huston’s record for being the youngest-ever X Games participant, Eaton started everything early, taking lessons at age four from dad Geoff, who is the founder of the skateboarding school Kids That Rip.

Poppy Starr Olsen, 16


Poppy Starr Olsen competing in Skateboard Park Women’s during X Games Austin 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Kaitlyn Egan/ESPN Images

Discipline: Skateboard Park

X File: She’s the first Australian female to be invited to the summer X Games. Already a top skater Down Under, she just won the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic.

Her favorite thing about X Games Austin? “The athlete lounge and all the free stuff!” she says.

Details: Her jewelry and card designs helped fund her early career and competition fees, and she did a TED talk at age 14.

Pamela Rosa, 16


Pamela Rosa during practice for Skateboard Street Women’s at X Games Austin 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Eric Lars Bakke/ESPN Images

Discipline: Skateboard Street

X File: Won gold at X Games Oslo in 2016, and has two silver medals from the last two X Games Austin events.

Details: Mom came all the way from Brazil to watch Rosa, who balances skating and studying at school in Sao Paulo.

Trey Wood, 15


Trey Wood competing in Toyota Skateboard Park Men’s during X Games Austin 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Perlas/ESPN Images

Discipline: Skateboard Big Air

X File: Three X Games appearances, and finished 5th at age 13.

Woods says his favorite thing about this year’s X Games Austin is "seeing all the new tricks everyone is bringing and seeing the stuff I ride in a cool location.” Oh, and food. “I’m also always stoked for any of the BBQ spots in Austin — they’re ALL good.”

Details: Grew up in the tiny town of Queen Creek, Arizona. He’s a whole new man: Wood grew four inches and gained 35 pounds last year.

Brighton Zeuner, 11


Small but mighty, Brighton Zeuner competes this weekend in the X Games women’s street skate competition in Austin. Photo: Courtesy of Brian Shamanski

Disciplines: Skateboard Street

X File: She’s the youngest female athlete to be invited to the X Games. Watch her in action Saturday!

Details: She’s not even five feet tall.

Catch the X Games Austin action all weekend long on ESPN and ABC. Go to for more information.

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