Check out Jamie Thomas’s Memory Screened article from our Dec-Jan 2012 issue and see the five pro models he chose to talk about (out of the hundreds that he has). Below you’ll find the original text from the article, and if you haven’t already, check out the video here!

Words: Jaime Owens
Originally published in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue

Walking into Blackbox, Jamie Thomas was mulling over about 70 of his pro-models laid out on the floor and was still trying to make the last second decision of his five favorites. "This is only half of my collection. This is what I had here at Blackbox. The rest are in storage at home," he said scratching his head. It must have been a daunting task for someone who's been pro for almost 20 years and has had hundreds of pro-models. But like the true professional Jamie is, he squeezed out five boards that fit the bill for his Memory Screened page and here they are.

1. Toy Machine, Earthling (1995)
This was my second board on Toy Machine. It was a super random graphic. Matt Barker who works at TumYeto had this painting on his wall when we were trying to come up with a graphic and I said to him, "That painting is amazing." So we talked to Ron Cameron about it and he did a rendition of the painting for the board graphic. Then I got married a year later and Matt Barker gave me the painting as a wedding present. So, I have both now. Pretty tight.

2. Zero, Smith Grind Photo (1999)
This was my board from Misled Youth. This one came out the best colorway but the blue version was the original colorway that we made. This was the best selling board of my career. So, from 1999 to 2003 we made these boards in probably seven different colors. It's probably the most of any board graphic we've ever made. The Misled Youth days were a cool time and this board brings back all of those memories. It's the board I rode the most as well.

3. Zero, Cross (2000)
This was my first cross board right when I got saved and became a believer and I wanted to let people know. When I went to make this board, everyone was like, "No, don't make that board. It's not going to sell and everyone's going to think you're a weirdo." I didn't care and really wanted to make it anyways to show people about my faith and what I was about and that there's more important things than skateboarding. At any rate, this board sold like crazy because there were all these people that were believers and they didn't have anyone to relate to. They bought it and people that didn't skate bought it. And then afterward, people told me that I made it to make money and cash in on God. Pretty ironic story. This board was made in black at first and I don't have one for some reason, so I just have this one-off wood grain one so I just kept this one. It's got John 3:16 on it and a cross. Super simple. This board was cool and I was really hyped on it.

4. Zero, Chief (2007)
I've always been into Native American imagery, movies and just always thought it had a cool vibe. Somehow, I got the nickname "Chief" along the way by Elissa, Ellington and Greco, so it just kind of worked. This is my favorite Native American graphic that I've had.

5. Zero, Archangel Michael (2008)
This graphic is actually a linoleum carving by a freelance artist named Chris Martin. I think he only did two graphics for us and this is one of them and it's Archangel Michael killing a demon. I was super hyped on how this one came out and thought it looked really cool and was really different looking than most boards. We made a silver one and a gold one, and then I ended up getting a tattoo of this graphic on my ribs that Kat Von D did. Yeah, one of my all-time favorites.