Photo: Jaime Owens

Things about going pro:
1. Making my Mom proud. And along with that, making everyone back in Alabama proud.
2. Telling Jim that I was going to disappear into the woods and he’d regret turning me pro.
3. Getting bigger paychecks to afford the knee surgery I had a month before I turned pro.
4. Having graphics that have stuff to do with Alabama.
5. Continuing to cheat real life by riding a piece of wood. It still boggles my mind.

1. Instagram is pretty much killing it.
2. Online video parts. That’s pretty much what skating is coming to now.
3. Random kids doing tricks that top pros can’t do. That seems to be a huge trend now. Coming up nowadays seems impossible. Glad I fooled all my sponsors into thinking I was good before all these kids decided to invent tricks overnight.
4. Graphic griptape. I have yet to jump on board but that’s because no one has made anything to do with Alabama, BBQ, sweet tea, or my dog Vader. Hopefully one of my redneck bros figures out how to do some sweet griptape graphics and I can join in.
5. Poler camping stuff! They pretty much rule and have made living out of my car way easier.

Video Parts:
1. Dustin Dollin in Shake Junt. That dude’s my favorite skater and I’m psyched on anything I get to see of him.
2. Gilbert Crockett’s Life Splicing part! That’s my boy right there. And video parts should look more like that.
3. Jake Donnelly in the Real video. Go watch that part and say what’s up to refreshing good style for me!
4. Grant Taylor Nike video. I wish I could skate all the stuff he skates. Sadly, it’s not in the cards.
5. Brandon Westgate’s shoe part. That dude’s on another level.

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New Pros:
1. Theotis Beasley
2. Collin Provost
3. Vincent Alvarez
4. Austyn Gillette
5. Nestor Judkins

1. Gilbert Crockett
2. Jake Donnelly
3. Dan Plunkett
4. Trevor Colden
5. Robbie Brockel

1. Trevor Colden big spin front board on Rincon.
2. Dan Plunkett’s bluntslide Spitfire ad.
3. Slash’s kickflip 50-50 against the wall ad.
4. Bob Burnquist bs flipping the Mega Ramp, no grab.
5. Jake Johnson switch bs 180 ad.

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Trips you went on:
1. Australia in February.
2. Grand Canyon camping trip in April.
3. Big Sur/Yosemite/Sequoia trip in the Freedom Wagon (Honda Element/house).
4. New York City trip with Askate.
5. 5 day cross country solo motorcycle trip.

1. Justin Brock surprising me with my board at the Real premiere.
2. Seeing a Sequoia tree for the first time in March. Those things are unreal!
3. Chasing a black Bear in Sequoia in 4 feet of snow. That was dumb, but was rad.
4. Every morning I wake up and realize I am 23 and live out of my car.
5. Waking up from my second knee surgery of the year to hear that everything went great and I’ll be skating again in no time.

1. Harry Potter
2. Unknown
3. Your Highness
4. Bridesmaids
5. Captain America just because I love America

James Hardy nosebluntslide. Photo: Shigeo

People to follow on InstaGram:
1. Lannie Rhoades
He was the first dude I saw mess with Instagram so I have to give it to him. I should actually be pissed at him for getting me sucked into this black hole! @justsomedude
2. Jimmy Arrighi
I created this monster which is known as @worldsbestdad on Instagram. People fear him and his insults and I feel responsible for that.
3. Atiba
Just because he tags Jimmy in all his pictures and then they have Insta-battles where Jimmy tears him apart.
4. Brian Hansen
He’s just an interesting human being. @wishdeath
5. Eric Koston
He has 30,000 followers, so there’s always the craziest comments. @erickoston

People to heckle on Instagram
1. Robbie Brockel
2. Jim Thebaud. Or however you spell his difficult name.
3. Auburn football fans
4. Brian Hansen
5. Jaime Owens

Things to happen in skateboarding:
1. Those ridiculous high paying contests. They’re all really corny and cheesy, but at least the people in them are making insane amounts of money from them. Good for all of those dudes.
2. Heath Kirchart being the Emerica TM. That dude’s a champ.
3. The economy is still sucking so businesses still can’t afford security guards to kick you out.
4. Lil Wayne started skateboarding.
5. Skateshops are still around.

Things to happen in the world:
1. Tebow Time is pretty insane.
2. NBA is back.
3. Alabama is going to the National Championship for college football.
4. Kim Kardashian’s wedding cost more than skateboarding is worth.
5. I’ve lived out of my car in the woods the whole year. I’m out of the loop.