Flying Squirrel

Quincy Symonds drops in. Photos via Instagram @theflyingsquirrel_

Quincy Symonds might just be the best 5-year-old girl surfer and skater in the world. Hailing from Australia's Gold Coast and known as the Flying Squirrel, she has been riding waves and grinding rails for less than a year. "She started last March and totally loves surfing and especially surfing big waves," her mum, Kim, told "She asks for the set waves, not the little ones in between. Mick Fanning, Tom Carroll, and Ross Clarke Jones are her idols and she would love to surf Shipsterns, Cow Bombie, Maldives, and Fiji." Check out her style in the clip below.

In addition to her surfing skills, Symonds is also an accomplished skateboarder already dropping into 12-foot vert ramps. "Q started skating in May last year when the waves were too big for her to surf," explains Kim. "She asked to go skate, and that is where the skating began."

Barton Lynch, the 1999 ASP world champion whose Blast Off surf event Symonds won last year, recognizes her incredible potential. "There is something inherent and instinctive in the way she surfs. It’s quite mind blowing and baffling. She has an amazing sense for the ocean,” he told press after her win.

As for Symonds, she told that her philosophy is simple: "’I like to go out in big waves and I like to move fast."

The Flying Squirrel prepares for battle.

The Flying Squirrel prepares for battle. Photo via Instagram @theflyingsquirrel_

Quincy moving fast.

Symonds, moving fast at Snapper Rocks; photo via Instagram @theflyingsquirrel_

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