A beacon within Philadelphia

A beacon within Philadelphia's skateboarding heritage is under threat. Photo: Change.org

Philadelphia’s JFK Plaza, popularly known as LOVE Park, has fostered a skateboarding culture that has been a focal point of Philadelphia’s international reputation for over a decade -- despite the fact that it has been illegal to skateboard in LOVE Park since 1995.

Today, the historical park is facing destruction to make way for a complete redesign.

In the summer of 2002, an attempt was made to render the park un-skateable when a proposed face lift of the zone blocked access to the most popular skateboarding areas within the plaza. Adding insult to injury, a famed skate spot behind City Hall was also recently destroyed.

In an effort to protect Philadelphia's rich skateboarding heritage and preserve this urban landscape for future generations a petition titled, “Preservation of the existing LOVE Park” has been circulated.

Today, the whole of LOVE Park is threatened with destruction. Philadelphia has been working with a private contractor to redesign the square. The proposed designs consist of a total gutting of LOVE Park and a replacement of the iconic gap, stairs, concrete and fountain with "green-space." This plan must not go forward. A new park could be built anywhere but history cannot be moved.

Sign the petition on www.change.org.

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