flip 2

Egill Gunnar Kristjansson of Iceland combined his gymnastics and skateboarding skills and came up with an amazing trick whereby he performs a backflip off one skateboard and lands on a second skateboard. The number of misses while he tries to pull off the trick helps gauge how difficult it is to land.

"He is both the Icelandic champion and the Nordic champion in gymnastics," Kristjan Porgeirs, the boy's father, told News of Iceland. "And extreme sports fascinate him a lot—skateboarding, snowboarding and parkour. It does not matter what you put on his legs, he will become good at it. He has an amazing talent." Watch that amazing talent here, as he lands the backflip trick not once, but twice:

"I have only been skating for two or three years, but I have been practicing gymnastics for five years," Kristjansson told News of Iceland. "I was a bit scared at first when I was trying the backflip, but now this is a piece of cake."

It’s pretty obvious from the video that Kristjansson comes equipped with perseverance and determination.

"He has broken his leg and his arm twice, but that does not stop him," Porgeirs told News of Iceland. "He is however not afraid of this. He has a lot of talent and he knows what he can do and what he cannot do. He has such good control over his body that he could get far if he manages to stay intact."

Regarding staying intact, you'll notice Egill isn't wearing a helmet while skateboarding, much to the chagrin of his father, who admits, "you cannot control everything."

"He always uses a helmet when he snowboards and on the bicycle, but he feels like the helmet gets in the way in the other sports," Porgeirs said.

Hopefully Egill continues to land on his feet.