Photos: Jonathan Mehring
Harold Hunter Day V kicked off this weekend in NYC. All the skaters came out to remember Harold and have a skate at the Manhattan Bridge park, including Brandon Westgate, Zered Bassett, Eli Reed, Chad Muska, Jimmy McDonald, Joe Ron Deily, Tookmanian, Danny Falla, Kevin Tierney, Billy Rohan, Rodney Torres, and Steve Rodriguez. The weather was good, the music was loud, and everyone had a good time.

Eli Reed

Brandon Westgate - Back smith on a tall one.

Billy Rohan - frontside flip


Muska - 360 flip on an old Cab deck


Zoo York had a best trick contest which was who could back 360 the pyramid first.

Zered Bassett and Ron Deily

Rodney Torres and his lady.

Alex Corporan and Chad Muska

Brandon Westgate