Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson has always been a showman. Long considered one of the more creative players when it came to touchdown celebrations, Johnson was always fun to watch.

Plus, this is a man who at one time had legally changed his last name Ochocinco (which in Spanish translates to “8-5,” which is the number he wore). Simply put, Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco) is an entertainer.

Recently he posted a video of himself on Instagram trying his hand at skateboarding. Rolling in from a table top, Johnson heads towards a bank with a cigar in his mouth. And from there, things go south pretty quick.

I didn't drop my cigar though

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Johnson gets totally upended when he hits the incline of the kicker, flying straight up in the air and landing on his back. While for us normal beings this may seem like a debilitating slam, Johnson was someone who regularly took much harder hits than this going across the middle of the field for a living.

As he said in the caption of the video, “I didn't drop my cigar though.” And that’s the sentiment for the former NFL player who stands at 6’1″, 188 pounds.

Johnson redeemed himself and posted a photo of him cruising along on a skateboard with cigar in mouth, looking pretty casual. Can’t say the man doesn’t know how to entertain.

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h/t Deadspin

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