The great Mississippi River known for Mark Twain, Steamboats, and Skateboarding. Ok, it’s definitely not known for skateboarding, that is until Red Bull decided to send a group a skaters on a floating skatepark down the Mississippi from Minneapolis to New Orleans.

The 28-day, 1,705 mile adventure, known as Red Bull Mississippi Grind will feature plenty of guest pros including Luis Tolentino, Joey Brezinski, Ronnie Creager and Converse pro Kenny Anderson.

Red Bull recruited renowned skate park builders Spohn Ranch to develop the course which includes a hubba ledge, a bank to many pad and double stair set with some additional sections to be added along the way. The ramps will be donated to City of New Orleans to help provide a skate park to the city.

New Orleans provides the obvious final destination for Red Bull Mississippi Grind, both in terms of geography and of supporting skateboard culture. A three day celebration on October 7-9th in New Orleans will mark the climax of Red Bull Mississippi Grind, with the final ceremony dedicated to Red Bull giving the skate structure to the City of New Orleans.

Be sure to check back for highlights along the way.

Check out the photos of the departure from St. Paul courtesy of Red Bull.

Aerial Shots in Prairiedu Chien, Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. p Ryan Taylor/ RedBull Content Pool
Barge from above. p Ryan Taylor/ RedBull Content Pool

Luis Tolentino showsoff during a pro demo at the St. Paul Mississippi Grind Stop. p Dan Neufield
The barge sails off from St. Paul after the Ticket to Grind Competition. p Dan Neufield/RedBull Content Pool