Nora Vasconcellos is an icon in the world of women’s skateboarding. Gaining some serious respect from legends in the sport, like Elissa Steamer, Andrew Reynolds and Marc Johnson, her style is one that speaks to all fans of skateboarding.

“If I think of a backside air, I think of some of her photos,” says pro skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. “I’ve always compared my skating to dude skaters. So it’s the first time it’s ever popped into my head ‘backside air like Nora.’ She’s just … sick.”

From her fuzzy fedoras inspired by Missy Elliott, to her lavender pants and shoes, Nora’s style is one truly of her own. “That hat gave me a lot of confidence,” Vasconcellos says.

Warning: mild profane language.

Directed by Webby-award winning Giovanni Reda, the new short film Nora takes us into the life of Nora Vasconcellos, from growing up Massachusetts, getting her first skateboard on Christmas, to recently becoming the 2017 Vans Park Series World Champion in Shanghai.

“When you’re having the most fun, you’re going to get noticed,” says Vasconcellos. “And that’s what I want people to see … ‘she LOVES skateboarding.'”

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