Eric Koston continues to be regarded as one of the best street skaters of all time because of his technical prowess, relentless ambition, and desire to push progression.

The California-native has also been making headlines as of late with his new Oakley Signature Series, and his new documentary by Vice, Epicly Later’d. We had a chance to catch up with “Froston” for the low-down on the new series, his Oakley line, and the pressure that comes from being known as the “Tiger Woods of skating.”

You have a new series with Vice, Epicly Later’d. What can we look forward to seeing in it?
It’s basically a mini-series– a documentary about my life. It’s a bit overwhelming, but it’s cool. I’m honored that they want me to be the subject matter of this documentary. It’s heavy duty.

Pro Skater, Brian Anderson was quoted as saying you’re ‘like the Tiger Woods of skating. One of the best skaters to walk on Earth.’ What kind of pressure does this put on you?
It’s pretty nuts, but I don’t know if I look at it like that. I don’t necessarily look at it like an amount of pressure put on me, but maybe when I’m skating, or trying something new or hard for me, that’s when I feel the pressure. I don’t necessarily look at it like, ‘Oh, I’m going to disappoint the world if I don’t land this trick,’ it’s more me being stubborn and hard-headed if I’m not making something. The pressure comes from the challenge and getting through the hard times to get what you want.

You’re known for always being on the cutting edge, and pushing progression- What is it that drives you?
It’s the need for something new. It’s about challenging yourself. Of course it’s fun to land a trick you can do, but it’s awesome to try something new, and it’s the sense of accomplishment after doing something no one else has done. It’s just seeing what you’re made of. Guts, I guess is what it comes down to. That urge, it doesn’t go away.

What are your thoughts on the Vice series and how it will portray you?
It’s a full-on history, from the past to the present. I’m interested to see what they dig up. I’m not aware of all of it, so it’ll be surprising to me at some points, I’m sure.

You recently launched your second line with Oakley, the Eric Koston Signature Series– what does this new line entail?
Yes, I partnered with Oakley about 3 years ago, and made the wood grain finish in the Frogskins. Now, we’ve followed up with a new line that features a classic tortoise shell design in the frames. The design is featured in the Frogskins, Holbrooks, and Plantiff’s and has my signature stamp of approval.

You have a new signature line, new series, what else do you have up your sleeve?
This summer I’m going to Europe, mainly Milan and Barcelona for the new GIRL Skateboards video which is premiering in November. So I got to get out and ride my skateboard. That’s next. It’s a big project coming up, so I’m going to be really focusing on that. It’s going to be another Spike Jones Production, so the pressure continues.

Check out the trailer for Vice’s Epicly Later’d and head to Oakley to snag your pair of Eric Koston Signature Series frames.