Elijah Berle starts his week of shine off over at the Vans site with a full interview by Chris Nieratko. Check out this excerpt.

Back on December 6th, 2011 we officially announced Elijah Berle and Daniel Lutheran as our newest full-on ams after them putting in serious time and miles of shredding. Since then Elijah has been on the road filming non-stop for the upcoming Chocolate video. Recently The Skateboard Mag crowned him Year’s Best Am and so it was only fitting that we dedicate our third Rider Week (after Daniel Lutheran’s and Johnny Layton’s) to young Elijah. For Day 1 of Elijah Week we sat him down for an exclusive interview to get to know him better. Enjoy.

FYI, one by one, week by week, we'll be focusing on all your favorite Vans riders. We're working on Andrew Allen next and then Gilbert Crockett after that. Who would you like to see? Hit us up @vansskate on Twitter and let us know.


How did you get into skateboarding, Elijah?
I don't know how, I just ended up with a skateboard one day and I'd go to my grandma's house and she'd always have a bunch of wood lying around and we'd make shitty little ramps and try to drop in on them and stuff. I probably ate shit a lot. I didn't know how to skate and we were building these sketchy-ass ramps in the driveway. I'm sure I went down once or twice. I don't remember too well.

When did you really get into it?
I was pretty into it back then. That was the only shit we would do in our spare time, if we weren't in school, we'd go over to granny's house and build some ramps.

You have a skate bro too, right?
Yeah, he was pushing on his knees back then. It was sick to have a little buddy to skate with that was just in a diaper. He's 14 now, his name is Evan and he's ripping. He's about to get into high school and start talking to older girls.

Click here to continue reading Elijah’s full interview on the Vans site.