Interview With Chris Keefe, President of DQM
Words & Photos: Jonathan Mehring

Give me a little background about DQM. How did it go from sneaker boutique to core skate shop?
I don't like to be pigeon holed into one thing or to be considered this or that. I never liked the word boutique to tell you the truth. I am a skateboarder, always have been and DQM always had roots in skateboarding although we definitely made our name for shoes and having exclusive boutique accounts etc, which is fine and we still have those accounts and carry both shoes for skateboarding and lifestyle for that matter. I have made it a point to focus more on skateboarding at our Bowery location in the past couple of years for a couple of reasons but the main one was because I just felt like that's what was needed more in New York right now. When I used to live in SF back in the early '90s and rode for FTC skate shop I loved how it was like a place to go and meet up set up a board and just chill talk shit and have that cool vibe. I wanted DQM to feel more like that than it did and let's face it, lots of things have happened in the past couple of years with the sneaker game mellowing and the economic crisis and all that so it was just back to basics approach, you know.

How did the Cliché collaboration come about? What did it entail?
Al Boglio who runs Cliche´out in Lyon is a good friend of mine and he approached me to do a collab, but I wanted to make it a bit more than just making some product and putting it on a shelf to sell. It's really about what's behind the product which is the actual skating, so I wanted to see if we could get the Cliché team out to NYC to skate, hang out and get some footage to promote and market the collaboration product that we made. Just wanted to kind of bring it back to when you were a kid and went to a demo to see pros and sponsored dudes skate. It took a bit of planning and rushing around deadlines for product and all but it all worked out. I thank Cliché for making it all become a reality! Look out for the "Best of Both Worlds" boards, tees, hats and wine openers to drop in late October.

Is the skate company/shop limited edition collaboration something you've been doing or wanted to do for a while? Is it something you want to do with other teams as well?
Yeah, I mean we just want to make good stuff man. We want it to be quality and for a reason. Last summer we did a similar thing with the good people at Girl Skateboards and it was really successful and we kind of built off that energy with the Cliché idea and will continue to do so in the future for sure!

Check out some photos below of the Cliché team in the streets of NYC.

Sammy Winter

Lucas, switch frontside crook

Al Boglio getting in the mix with a noseblunt.

Sammy, switch crooks

Kevin Bradley, backside Smith grind

Lucas, switch ollie

Kevin Bradley, backside nosegrind

Charles Collett, frontside bigspin

Flo Mirtain, frontside heelflip

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DQM & Cliché – The Best of Both Worlds from DQM on Vimeo.

Check back tomorrow for details about a Cliché giveaway!