The last time skateboarder Chaz Ortiz visited Spain, he had prior engagements (this little thing called Street League) and wasn’t able to explore the country. So, a bit bummed that he missed out on experiencing the country, Ortiz teamed up with his sponsor JBL to skate through Spain and document everything he saw.

Along with his friend, skateboarder Travis Glover, Ortiz started in Barcelona and worked his way through Madrid and Zaragosa. And while it might seem like the trip of a lifetime, according to director Jon Holland, filming in all the locations wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

“I mean, in Barcelona they’re open to skateboarding,” Holland told GrindTV. “But Zaragosa is a smaller community with an older age demographic versus the laid-back lifestyle of Barcelona. Plus we were there the night of the Paris terror attacks, so all of Europe was on lockdown and that really played into the police presence in the city.”

On top of the increased police presence, Holland and Ortiz had to deal with an intense five-day filming schedule that required the team to constantly be on the move throughout the country to fit in all the locations.

“The fact that this was done in such a short time period definitely made it challenging,” said Holland. “We had two days to skate Barcelona, and then we were getting on a train. We had half a day to skate Zaragosa, then we were on a train to Madrid. So it felt like we tried to pack in as much as we could in a short amount of time.”

Chaz Ortiz JBL

Ortiz partnered with JBL to finally get a true taste of Barcelona outside of Street League.

Ultimately, the team was able to accomplish everything they hoped to, skating past iconic locales like La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and finding bliss in Madrid, where Ortiz hit what he described as one of the best ledge spots he had ever been to.

“All around, the trip was super fun,” said Ortiz, reflecting on his journey. “Just seeing a bunch of beautiful things, seeing what Spain has to offer, was amazing.”

To read more about Ortiz’s trip through Barcelona, head over to TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING.

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