Dew Tour donates custom skateable artwork to local Long Beach skate park

The Long Beach community will continue to enjoy the sculptures long after Dew Tour.

Following the 2017 Dew Tour Long Beach event, Dew Tour and Long Beach artist Steven Harrington have announced that the custom skateable structures Harrington created for the event have been donated to a local Long Beach skate park: Silverado Park.

Local skaters enjoy the custom sculptures by artist Steven Harrington. Photo: Courtesy of Brian Harper/CA Rampworks

The skateable artwork was built with the intention of marrying art and skating, bringing together two key influences of skate culture.

The structures were open to skateboarders during the Dew Tour Long Beach event, which took place June 15-18, for the community to enjoy.

Unloading the custom sculptures at their new home. Photo: Courtesy of Brian Harper/CA Rampworks

“I feel like it’s unique because it’s really designed to be the experience of moving through,” Harrington said of the project. “When you’re skateboarding, you’re truly experiencing your surroundings, and this project was really about enhancing that environment.”

Merging skateboarding and artistic expression was a key goal for the sculpture project. Photo: Courtesy of Brian Harper/CA Rampworks

The sculptures will now be a permanent installation at the Silverado Skate Park.

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