Emmanuel Guzman hits up legendary Santa Cruz Derby Park for this C1rca commercial for his new shoe the Griz.

San Clemente, CA- February 1, 2012- C1RCA is proud to announce the release of all four colorways of Emmanuel Guzman's pro-model, The Griz. A limited number of the Black/Flame Orange colorway of the Griz was early released in Fall 2011, but Spring 2012 marks the official release of the shoe.

The Griz is Emmanuel Guzman's first pro-model with C1RCA. The Griz was specifically designed with Guzman in mind, and with added technology- it's the perfect shoe for Guzman to skate in.

"I am more than happy to be releasing my signature shoe, The Griz," says Guzman. " I've had a good feeling about the design and quality of the product from the first samples I received and skated in. I constantly emphasize to fellow skateboarders how important it is that the product I endorse is something I truly believe in and want to use myself- that couldn't be more true in this case! Not only is The Griz for skaters [because of its appearance] but mad scientists behind the scenes have developed some amazing new technologies to debut in my shoe. Most vulcanized shoes have great feel but not heel and foot support for comfort. Believe it or not, we were able to incorporate both into this shoe, and we call this technology Aerocush™. Cliché in name but not results! You don't have to take my word on it, but I STRONGLY suggest you do!"

The Griz is a vulcanized shoe with tongue and collar padding for extra support. It's triple stitched for durabilityand there is a reinforced one-piece toe cap that will help to reduce blow-outs. The Griz is the debut shoe for C1RCA's Aerocush ™ technology. Until now it was not possible to use PU foam as a midsole in a Vulcanized shoe due to the high heat during the production process. C1RCA has developed a special compound of PU foam that is fused directly to our Fusion Grip ™ rubber outsole prior to vulcanizing. Thus creating a full length cushioning midsole inside a genuine vulcanized shoe. In addition, we also placed a special high impact absorbing foam rubber cookie into the heel. This combination provides unsurpassed comfort and heel protection. Look for the bright blue insole that denotes the Aerocush™ technology.

As part of the shoe release, C1RCA will be releasing four commercials promoting the shoe and showing different aspects of Guzman and his shoe including going behind the Santa Cruz collab.

One video will be released each week for four weeks, so be sure to keep checking www.C1RCA.com for the new videos. You can purchase The Griz at www.shop.C1RCA.com

Check out the first video at www.C1RCA.com