Bob Burnquist unveils crazy new mega-ramp footage

New tricks, new ramps, big slams, and a couple helicopters

burnIt’s been some time since we’ve seen fresh footage of the legendary Bob Burnquist and his quest to reach the moon on his skateboard. Rest assured he’s been busy at his home in Vista, California, and not just with his organic food farm--Bob’s been quietly pushing the limits at his custom mega-ramp set-up.

In the below video part that he released this week with Oakley, Mr. Burnquist unveils some of the new tricks and painful slams he’s been filming over the last couple years. He also reveals some of the new additions to the ramp he’s dreamed up, including a massive hip set-up, and some helicopter shoots that look all kinds of dangerous.

Bob calls his home compound “Dreamland” for obvious reasons, and that name is the title of his new series, which promises more episodes in the coming months. Some of us were beginning to worry that maybe the 36-year-old was backing out of the spotlight and into retirement, but as you’re about to see, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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