We all know those monumental spots in skateboarding. The ones where people go to to put the final touches on their video part. The one where out-of-towners feel like they are seeing a movie star in real life. Hollywood High is arguably the most famous spot we have. Since the mid 90s people have been skating this beast. We recently looked back and gathered all the memorable tricks that went down on this set. Watch, enjoy and take a stroll down memory lane.

Skaters included: Chad Fernandez, Jaime Thomas, Evan Hernandez, Joey Poiriez, Matt Allen, Jon Allie, Lindsay Robertson, Dustin Dollin, Arto Saari, Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Dallas Rockvam, Matt Ball, Brian Sawyer, Terrell Robinson, Norman Woods, Taylor Bingaman, Ryan Decenzo, Eli Reed, Aaron Artis, Ragboll, Kevin Romar, Nick Merlino, Ricky Webb, Derrick Wilson, Andrew Reynolds and Nyjah Huston.