Bam Margera talks comeback and struggles in new ‘Epicly Later’d’ episode

The legendary skate show profiles one of the most famous skateboarders of all time.

An argument can be made for Bam Margera having been the most popular skatboarder ever at the height of his fame. Not only was he an incredible skater, but he jumped to mainstream celebrity status with his multiple shows on MTV that saw him and his group of friends pulling pranks, skateboarding and sacrificing their bodies for laughs.

We all know how the story went: what went up needed to come down. Drugs, alcohol, bulimia, the death of close friend Ryan Dunn, not being able to go anywhere without being recognized and a loss of clarity afflicted Margera throughout his mega-stardom.

But Margera is trying to rewrite that tale. In 2016 Margera migrated to Europe to get clean and get back to skateboarding. He is currently back in the United States with a new vigor and tells his story in Vice’s iconic “Epicly Later’d” show, which just aired this week.

*Warning: The below video contains explicit language, talk of drugs and alcohol and some graphic imagery.

This “Epicly Later’d” episode does a wonderful job of getting insight into Margera’s mind from the man himself, as well as those very close to him. He is currently expecting a child with his wife Nicole Boyd Margera and is committed to skateboarding again.

Margera tells in the episode of how a doctor a few years ago told him that his bones and muscles were so dehyrdated from drinking that they were like dry-rotted rubber bands and if he skateboarded again they might snap.

“I don’t like looking at myself, I don’t like what I’ve become, I can’t skate anymore and I need to do something about it,” Margera says in the video.

It’s truly inspiring to see Bam Margera going back to where it all began for himself. He has even teamed back up with Element Skateboards for some reprints of his iconic skate graphics from back in the day.

Here’s to Margera being a dad soon and hopefully putting out another part for the ages.

Bam Margera.

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