Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Back in 2010, just after I moved to California, I was offered an opportunity to go back home to Kansas City with a few Toy Machines guys. Toy has always been one of my favorite companies, so I jumped at the chance. They were finishing up filming for Brainwash and this was one of their last trips.

Leo warming up with an ollie down this never before skated Kansas City double set.

Leo getting ready for to gap down to the rail.

I guess this is how you bail to a sketchy gap to rail.

I still don’t know how Leo got out of this.

Leo gap to lipslide.

Leo gap to 5-0.

This gap to nosegrind is probably the gnarliest trick I’ve ever shot. Also, probably the scariest trick. I only had one test shot before this and I cut off his head. I was so surprised with how this turned out.

Leo checking out his destruction of this gap to rail.

Battle wounds.

Leo’s still hyped though.

Dan Lutheran smith grind through the kink on a warm KC night.

This is just insane! Leo’s the type of guy that rushes a spot. If you’re not ready then you’re not getting the photo. This he did both of these tricks before I could even set up my flashes for a still. Leo taking the curve and crooking through the whole rail.

Leo crook pop out before the kink.

Check back next Friday for the second half of the trip. More blog posts below…