Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

After finishing me previous post about Dallas Rockvam, I went back through some of the photos I shot while living in Atlanta. Ryan Fitch was one of my favorites to go out with. He’s the type of guy that hits you up saying he’s got a spot, instead of the other way around. His motivation, trick selection and over all style made him a perfect muse while I finished college. Here’s about half of the photos we shot over the course of a year and a half.

Wow spent a lot of time behind a 15mm fisheye while shooting this guy.

Ryan Fitch in his house.

This was the very first photo I shot of Ryan. I had a broken ankle at the time so setting up was a real pain in the ass. Not to mention the bitter Atlanta winter. He set up a little ramp on a curb and blasted this ollie through the tree and into the street with no real problem. This is still to this day one of my favorite photos.

Ryan front blunting a store’s sign that was about to be hung up. This thing weighed a ton and trying to put it over the grass as tough!

Ryan backside flipping into the street.

Ryan ollie over the hydrant and grind down the side of the gutter.


Ryan gap to lipslide.

Ryan gap to 5-0.

Ryan 50-50 through the kinks at the Atlanta High Museum of Art.

Here’s Ryan’s part from Chris Thiessen‘s video Meanwhile back in 2008/09.

Check back next Friday for part 2.