Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” Well Monster Energy was able to disprove that. Back in May, Monster hit us (Skateboarder Magazine) up and told us they were driving their multi-millon dollar bus from California to Kansas City for the first stop of Street League. This bus includes two lounges, large flat screen TVs, satellite television, wi-fi, marble floors, luxury couches, 8 bunks with personal TVs, a full bathroom, a kitchen and more I’m sure I’m forgetting about. Monster simply offered us the fully equipped bus, gas included, for us fill it with some of our bros (no Monster affiliation required). The best part was that Monster would even provide a driver to take us where ever we want to go. Surprisingly enough, there was no catch. We would sleep in the luxury bus (which just got done driving the Guns N Roses around the US) and Monster would pay for everyone’s plane ticket back home. So naturally we said “Yes!” and off we were to Kansas City with some bros. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Here is part two of a whole bunch of photos we got while out on the road.

This is where the bus was parked the whole time we were in KC. On some busy street right besides the Sprint Center. It was really cool being able to be there without someone trying to tow you.

Dakota Servold early morning phone calls.

This is where most of us slept. Each one of us had a comfy tempurpedic mattras with a personal TV with wireless headphones. Best road trip digs I’ve ever stayed in.

Pijama spliff moring gathering.

Shortly after everyone is fully dressed and ready to go.

The morning routine was to skate through the city to go get coffee. That was always fun! Dan Lu pushing through KC.

Dan Lu spread out waiting for his coffee at Latte Land.

After coffee was bought and received we would all go out and sit on the side of the building and watch the city folk walk by.

After coffee we would skate through the city to some spots. Here’s Ryan Spencer smith grinding a bump to rail on the side of the road.

Taylor Smith in KC.

I snapped this photo of Taylor Smith, just as we were leaving, doing a feeble grind transfer with no problem at all.

Taylor skating to the next spot.

The famous “Koston Gap to Rail” or as we like to call it in KC “Brass Gap”. Taylor really wanted to skate this but we got kicked out so he did this backsmith in just a few tries for fun.

Ryan Spencer thought of a different way to skate this famous spot and did this ride on grind right after we got the boot.

Nick Zizzo saw this wallride on the way to get breakfast. He did it just after we got another boot.

After coffee and breakfast we headed to one of KC’s well known spots, Energy Park. Ryan Spencer doing a boneless on a steep bank.

Bro Style in full effect with Taylor Smith doing a backside noseblunt and Dan Lu doing a wallie.

Taylor Smith did this 50-50 ollie to tailslide with just the right gaps between cars for me to capture it.

After Energy Park we went to another one of KC’s famous spots, Westport Middle. Dan Lu bluntslide.

Taylor Smith kickflip into the bank.

Taylor Smith after a little slam on this gnarly curved hubba in KC. Don’t worry, he nailed his trick a few tries later but that was too good to be on the internet.

This kinked hubba in KC is relatively new. We had to take off the handrail that went down the side of it. Luckily it was done easily with a skate tool. Ryan Spencer wallie up and over the hubba.

Dan Lu ollied out past the hubba and just grinded the kink.

Taylor Smith follwed Dan Lu with a 5-0.

Taylor Smith did something I didn’t even think was possible. Ollie out and down to lipslide. Insane!

If you didn’t notice in the sequences above of the video before but the landing to this thing is shit. Look at what Taylor and Dan Lu powered through!

Nick Zizzo frontboarded this fence that is normally blocking the stairs and ollied over. This is an example of the benefits of lots of camera gear. This rail was totally supported by my clamping gear.

Dan Lu 50-50 across and down this super sketchy rail on the outskirts of KC.

This homie was watching us skate the rail above. He told us he could do backflips so we had him do the most epic one ever.

Dakota may not have gotten many tricks on this trip but he sure did try the gnarliest one. Here he is right after one of the worst slames I’ve seen. The funny thing is he was able to get out of many potential slams on this kink rail that I thought were going to be the end of him.

Dan Lu 50-50 through the kinks.

Jordan Taylor taking in the KC nightlife outside of the Monster bus.

I’ll end this post with Taylor Smith sparking up another spliff. Good trip boys! Thanks again to Monster for making this possible!

Check back next Friday for more photos.