Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

It’s crazy how quick footage comes out now. That use to rarely be an issue with photographers or magazines. Now it seems like we’re rushing to beat the next internet part. Anyways, here’s some photos I’ve shot of a small number of dudes that are in this year’s X-Games Real Street Contest. Some of these photos are older and some are brand new and the footage is in their parts. Make sure you go vote for your favorite skater!

Lizard King tail drop off an over pass into the bank and to another drop.

Austyn Gillette backside flip.

It’s funny, I’ve know Dakota Servold for a few years now and we’ve never gotten a photo together. That being said, he has tried a few different time. This time he got smoked!

Guy Mariano fakie backtail 360 flip.

Danny Montoya switch wallie 5-0 180. That line he did here is insane!

Josh Harmony smith grind 180.

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