Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

If you haven’t seen the new Element video then…in all honesty… you’re blowing it. Hands down it’s one of the strongest videos out this year. This week on the ol’ blog I’m posting some photos of the Element AM team that’s featured in their new video Future Nature. Although, Maders Apse is not included. Never met that dude.

Here is Boo Johnson warming up on a rail in San Pedro with a nosegrind. This is the first time I’ve ever really seen him skate in person and it is impressive. I do however wish I would have shot one of his hardflips. Those are a site to behold!

It seems like tailsliding a round rail like this one would be really really hard but it wasn’t at all for Boo. Mr. Mark Stewart, Element’s new filmer, is there capturing the moment and ready to follow Boo to the next trick in his line.

Evan Smith is something else (like all the AMs on Element). He skates very different than anyone I’ve seen. His trick selection, style, power, ext. are unbelievable. It also helps that’s he’s hungry as hell to get out in the streets and film. Here he is back smithing for the first trick in his line.

Evan and Mark checking out the footage.

Now I know you all have seen this before in my Nick Garcia post a few weeks ago but sadly this is the only photo I have that’s “web friendly” right now. Nick back smithing in San Pedro.

Geez I just noticed that most of these tricks are back smiths. Anyways, I don’t know if you can tell but this rail is tall as hell. Julian back smithed this in just a few tires and I thought he was done. It was good enough for me. Then he kept going… (see below)

Julian somehow did a backsmith 180 on this thing. No idea how that’s even possible. Good stuff though.

These AMs KILL IT in all sense of the word. Keep a look out (like you even need to, they are everywhere. Everyone loves these dudes).

Check back next week for some photos of our latest cover boy Dan Lutheran!