Real just released an all new Knowledge is Power Actions REALized deck created entirely by REAL intern Cameron Eichenbaum. A portion of the proceeds from the deck will go directly to the Learning Through Internship Program at MetWest High School in Oakland, CA to help the youth explore their interest and achieve their future goals. You can check out the video and learn more at

Here’s what Cameron has to say about the project:
My name is Cameron Eichenbaum and I have been an intern at REAL Skateboards since 2010 with the Learning Through Internship Program. The LTI program allows students to go out into the real world to explore their interest and set up professional interviews for potential internships and careers. This program is a privilege and drastically affects the lives of those involved. Before graduating High School and attending college I wanted to give back to the LTI program with this Actions REALized deck.

A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of this deck will go to the MetWest High School Learning Through Internship program to help the youth of Oakland explore their interest and help achieve their future goals.

Thank You for your support – Cameron Eichenbaum