Does everyone remember the video game on Sega Genesis we all spent countless hours trying to conquer when we were kids? Well thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog we now get the opportunity to see Sonic Generations of Skate, a Vert contest that pays homage to the three generations of Vert skaters that have come through So Cal over the past few decades.

This Saturday on the Venice Beach boardwalk fans will get the opportunity to witness skate legends Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk team up with current Vert destroyers PLG and Sandro Dias along with youngsters Adam Taylor, Elliot Sloan, Pedro Barros and Mitchie Brusco.

Sonic Generations of Skate will feature four teams consisting of one 40-something skater (first generation), one 30-something skater (second generation) and one teen/20-something skater (third generation) competing against other teams with the same mix.

There will be four different competitions where each pro will battle for team points against skaters from their own generation. The contests include individual runs, high air, best trick and team doubles.

Three members of the 900 club will be on hand including the first to ever land the trick Tony Hawk and now the second youngest Mitchie Brusco. The other is Elliot Sloan who recently landed the 900 in South Africa.

It’s not everyday three generations of competitors go head-to-head on the same playing field. Imagine if Magic Johnson played with or against Kobe, or Ali fought Tyson, or Montana threw a touchdown to Calvin Johnson! Point being it’s not often this kind of stuff happens so if your in the area take the time out to head to Venice to watch Sonic Generations of Skate.