Eleven-year-old Japanese skater Isamu Yamamoto is the latest skateboard prodigy to have taken the Internet by storm. More than 20 million people have watched videos of the pre-teen’s dazzling tricks. Many experts have called the youngster from Shiga the "Modern-Day Mullen," a reference to Rodney Mullen, who is acknowledged as the best street skateboarder the world has ever seen.

Back in his heyday of the '80s, Mullen invented more than 30 of skateboarding's now-standard tricks, including the kickflip, flat-ground ollie, heelflip, and impossible. Although Mullen is now 48, Isamu is still clearly influenced by him. "I decided to give skateboarding a try and by practicing every day I hope to become like Rodney," he says on his Facebook page. In this latest routine it is hard not to compare the two, with the sheer variety and technical difficulty of the tricks in Isamu's routine making your head spin.

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