Twenty-two-year-old professional standup paddleboarder and photographer Slater Trout knows a thing or two about maximizing his time on this Earth.

The Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver can hold up in whatever excursions Trout dives into. Photo: Seiko

Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, it’s important for Trout to get himself out of the concrete jungle to spend some quality time in an environment that fosters his love for the ocean and the outdoors.

“Los Angeles is a very crowded, congested place and there’s a unique hustle and bustle and daily grind that goes on here everyday,” says Trout. “And that gets stressful. And I feel like you need to get out and get away from that, to reset and refresh.”

In order to do this, Trout likes to head out to sea and spend some time at a beautiful little place, just offshore: Catalina Island. While on the island, Trout does his best to reconnect with his passions. He finds outlets to embrace and enjoy the time he’s been given, and not take a minute of it for granted.

Time is precious and the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver helps keep track of every minute for Trout. Photo: Seiko

“Time is interesting, because it feels different in different places,” says Trout. “On Catalina, everything moves a little bit slower.”

Trout’s outlook on spending as much of his precious time as he can doing the things that he loves, is an inspirational one that may hopefully strike the fire within others to do the same — ultimately bringing everyone closer to nature and the gorgeous world that we live in. We aren’t given much time on this planet, so it’s a very beautiful thing to embrace every minute we have.

“It’s something we hear day to day, is that life is short, but it’s so true. I’m only 22 years old, and I’m still very young. But in 10 minutes I’m going to be 32. And in 20 minutes I’m going to be 42,” says Trout. “Stop saying ‘no’ and start saying ‘yes’ to opportunities. Pull the trigger and just go.”

On the water is where Slater Trout prefers to spend his time. Photo: Seiko

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