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Jesse Richman is circled in this photo grab. His kite can be seen just above him, reflecting a glint of sunlight.

Jesse Richman describes himself on Facebook as a "two-time kitesurfing world champion on a quest for any and every way to have fun through an intense adrenaline rush." Well, he certainly got an adrenaline rush from his latest stunt, considering the uncontrollable screaming once he landed.

On the Columbia River Gorge, a natural wind tunnel popular with kiteboarders and windsurfers, Richman was towed on his kiteboard to the height of 790 feet before disconnecting the tow rope and flying back down to the river's surface, twisting in the wind like a wind chime.

"This is definitely the craziest thing I've ever done," he said. Watch the crazy stunt yourself (warning: there are a couple celebratory expletives):

Kiteboarding, aka kitesurfing, is a surface water sport, though the kiteboard is designed to allow for a certain amount of flying to do tricks and the like, but it is not designed to fly like a paraglider. It’s certainly not designed to go 790 feet, what Richman called a world record, though that isn't confirmed. “This stunt has never been accomplished by a kiteboarder before,” Richman claimed.

What can be confirmed by the commenters is that the stunt was "simply awesome!" and "sick" and "insane" and, the most popular response, "crazy."

"I just kinda [was] like uncontrollably spinning, uncontrollably losing it looking down, [thinking] all right, all right, I got this, I got this," Richman said on the video.

As it turned out, he was right. He got it.

Photos are screen grabs from the video.