It would be easy to assume that kayak fishing is a sport only available in special locations, far from the big city.

Whether it’s the Florida Keys or Louisiana swamps, kayak fishing culture often heralds the merits of getting away from everyone and everything to fish.

But isolation is not a prerequisite to the sport.

As shown by fisherman Jeff Little in the latest KAYAK FISH, you don’t need to be removed from society in order to catch big fish. In fact, you can do it from a metropolis like Washington D.C:

Check out Little’s advice on how to angle some big blue catfish on the Potomac River in D.C., then grab a kayak and a fishing pole and head to your closest body of water: You might not be out in the wilderness, but there might be some fish to catch.

For more advice on how to up your fishing game, check out the latest KAYAK FISH.

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