Video screen grab

Texas angler Tucker K. Owings and an unnamed companion experienced the fright of a lifetime Saturday afternoon when a bolt of lightning struck immediately in front of their boat on Lake Athens.

The event was captured on a GoPro camera and the accompanying footage shows just how close the lightning was to the front of the boat.

Owings, 16, is a professional bass fisherman. He told KPHO that in the moments before the lightning struck, “We were literally feeling what I would describe as static on our rods. At that point we quickly started to head to the ramp.”

That was when the bolt shot through the gloomy sky.

“I am one of the youngest professionals in the fishing industry and just learned a very important lesson,” Owings added. “I am thankful God protected us.”

Owings posted the footage to his Facebook page on Sunday. As of late Monday morning it had been shared more than 11,000 times.

Hat tip to Kayak Fish magazine.