Rafting fail. Photo courtesy Shutterstock

Everyone struggles at some point when learning a new sport. Some people just struggle a little more than others. The following bloopers not only teach us what to avoid when learning to kayak, canoe, or raft, but also allow us to feel a little better about our own embarrassing moments on the water.

The kid who thought he was drowning
Drowning is a serious and potential risk when paddling on the river, lake, or ocean. That said, most of the time when you capsize your boat, you'll probably actually be fine. Don't be this guy. Dust yourself off and try again.

The father who practiced questionable parenting (above)
The lesson here might be this: Don't let dad teach you how to paddle.

The paddlers who failed at showing off (three videos below)
The following videos are good examples of why you should probably just get in the water like a normal person.

Hey, at least these guys had helmets and life jackets on.


The amateur who tried to fly like the pros (above)
The world’s top paddlers have trained hard for years to land safely after pushing their boats off 30-foot-plus waterfalls. Most people, however, haven’t tried quite so much and end up looking like this guy. Again, don't be this guy.

The mighty fisherman who lost to the mightier fish

This paddling fail is an exercise in humility. Know that just because you caught the fish does not mean the fight is over.

The guy who was betrayed by his best furry friend

Canine companions are famous for their loyalty, but put some of them in the boat with you and they will leave you behind at the first moment of danger.

The guy who decided a banjo made a good paddle
This is one of those moments that creates the rule of what not to do it. While it sort of worked for him, most people should just stick to a paddle.

The rafters who wanted a Grand-style adventure
This paddling fails compilation is starting to look more like a "why women live longer than men" collection. Just stay off the water if it's too high. What was once easy and safe water can quickly turn dangerous, and if you’ve failed in any of the previous examples, you’ll definitely crash with this one, too.

The athlete who missed his mark

Learning to paddle can sometimes get discouraging. Some techniques are hard, and the rapids can be too demanding. So it's always good to keep in mind that even the best paddlers fail from time to time.

The ultimate list of river paddling fails
Just watch. And don’t repeat any of this.

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