Colten Moore’s life could be a blockbuster movie. It goes something like this: A kid grows up in Texas. He idolizes his older brother, Caleb. He’s too small to play sports, but he’s fearless, so he and his brother become expert quad and ATV riders.

They love the X Games, but their sports aren’t in them, so they decide to learn how to ride snowmobiles, which are. Six months later, they are both world-class snowmobile jumpers. Between 2010 and 2012, the two of them combine to win six medals. In 2013, everything changes: Caleb suffers a horrific crash when he comes up short on a jump. He passes away from his injuries, becoming the first X Games athlete to lose his life in competition.

Colten sticks with his sport despite the danger and wins gold the following year. He immediately dedicates his win to his brother.

“I feel like when I ride, he’s right there with me,” says Colten.

Colten's garage

Colten’s garage, packed to the rafters with dream machines.

That’s the story, but Colten Moore the person is more than a Hollywood script come to life. He’s a humble, polite and soft-spoken guy who just happens to be one of the best drivers in the world on any vehicle. Step into his garage and you’ll see a ridiculous array of high-octane machines built for excitement: snowmobiles, UTVs, quads, ATVs and a wake boat.

Colten loves engines more than anything in the world, and when he’s not tinkering with them, he’s launching them into a giant foam pit he and his family have custom built on their property.

In order to practice snowmobile jumping in the hot Texas sun, Colten has modified his machines significantly.

The launch from the ramp to the foam pit.

The launch from the ramp to the foam pit.

“We don’t get snow,” he says. “We had to set up our sleds with radiators and wheels in the skis, sweat like crazy and jump in the foam pit. We learned how to flip, do a couple big tricks in the pit.”

He says he takes inspiration from watching the top dirtbike riders in the world and tries to emulate them. “I’d like to keep going up and progress — bigger flip tricks and a KOD flip,” he says. “I’d like to be the first person to throw a body varial on a quad.”

Don’t be surprised if he does that and a whole lot more in the future.

Colten Moore mid rotation on his quad at his family's ranch.

Colten Moore mid-rotation on his quad at his family’s ranch.

Colten is sponsored by Mystik, which produces engine oils and greases specially formulated for the specific needs of cars, on-road fleets, agricultural equipment and power-sports vehicles, including snowmobiles, ATVs/UTVs, PWCs and outboard marine engines.

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