Amid the smoke and burning rubber was a clear case of one-upmanship between two countries. HOT ROD magazine lined up 74 vehicles along four lanes of the zMax Dragway in North Carolina in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of cars doing a simultaneous burnout.

The Australians had set the record of 69 in January at the Summernats, so HOT ROD magazine was hot on breaking the record "for America" at last week's HOT ROD Power Tour 2013. Watch:

"Here at HOT ROD, we revere the Aussies for their incredible burnout prowess, and have even editorialized that American static burnout contests are weak sauce compared to the free-for-all violence Down Under," HOT ROD magazine explained. tire"That's why, when it was suggested to us by Year One, we arranged the opportunity to bring some smokin' glory back to the USA. And the Power Tour participants did that."

HOT ROD reported that 73 of them spun their wheels with one participant being disqualified. "Truck guy, sorry, we saw you fail," HOT ROD wrote.

So, the world record for most number of cars doing a simultaneous burnout is 73, pending verification by Guinness World Records.

It may also be a world record for wasted rubber.