What's your idea of a great start to the New Year? For Weedmaps (and myself, to be very clear) it's bringing all of your athletes to Hawaii for a health and wellness retreat that combines moto, surf, and skate athletes for a week of good times and relaxation. Welcome to the Weedmaps Pipehouse V2, their second year of what is a damn nice setup. I ran around with my GoPro Hero 6 the entire time and captured the proper way to pay a moto visit to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Between Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg breaking his collarbone on a scooter and all of us collectively thinking we were going to die in a ballistic missile attack, trust me when I say we covered it all. Press play and kick back – this is the Weedmaps Pipehouse Experience V2 through my eyes.

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WM Pipehouse V2 | Aloha Blog Part Two

WM Pipehouse V2 | Aloha Blog Part Three