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An series of altercations between Vince Friese and Weston Peick is one of the main storylines at the 2016 Anaheim One SX. The two aggressive riders have a long history with each other, but things reached a new point during the opening round of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross series. Saturday night’s action started in the heat race, after Peick was run wide by Friese upon entry to a whoop section and was sent tumbling. Peick had to go to the Semi rounds because of the crash, and Friese joined him after failing to not transfer directly to the main event via the heat race.

Just a few laps into the Semi, Friese dove to the inside of a tight bowl turn and cut Peick’s intended line off. This resulted in a hard impact that put both riders on the ground and their bikes in a heap. During Friese’s attempt to retrieve his bike, Peick grabbed him from behind and delivered a series of punches to the back of his head and neck, then shoved him off of the track.

For his actions, Peick was immediately disqualified from the night’s event and was later issued a one race suspension and $5000 fine by the AMA. Friese, meanwhile, was able to line up for the LCQ but did not transfer to the main event.

With Peick out, Energy/Yamaha will have Phil Nicoletti race at the 2016 San Diego SX this coming weekend.