While many people might watch a rally car race and think, “Yeah, that’s pretty cool” the full effect of just how intense a ride inside one of the cars is might be slightly lost in translation. Luckily, thanks to the marvels of modern-day technology, we have the above POV video from inside the rally car of driver Hayden Paddon destroying a course record at the Otago Rally in New Zealand earlier this month.

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Paddon, a 29-year-old rally driver from Geraldine, New Zealand, had a jaw-dropping performance throughout the two-day race, setting new records on all 16 stages of the rally. Of all those record-setting performances though, perhaps none was as impressive as the one shown in the video, where Paddon piloted his Hyundai i20 masterfully over the final 15-kilometer stage, crushing the standing stage record by a blistering 10 seconds.

“We were just doing our own thing,” Paddon told the Otago Daily Times about his and his co-driver John Kennard’s efforts to smash the course record. “This is the most fun I’ve had in a rally car for a long time.”

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