Driving in New York City is no easy task — sorta like surfing during the winter here. At times, it may seem like it’s impossible to catch a green light in bumper-to-bumper Manhattan traffic.

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Unless you’re Uber driver Noah Forman, who on December 6 caught a supposed record 240 green lights in a row in the city that never sleeps.

Forman filmed his incredibly lucky run via a dashcam and had a friend put together this sped-up version of the run. Some news outlets have calculated the number at 236 green lights.

Forman told NY Daily News, “Every now and then, I feel lucky and I give it an attempt, but this night I could tell right from the beginning it looked good.”

Forman has been a cab driver in NYC since 2005 and two years ago got interested in trying to catch as many green lights in a row after seeing a video of another driver catching 55.

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Forman’s recent personal best (and probable record-setting) go took place at 3:27 a.m. starting near Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem and taking Fifth Avenue down to Washington Square Park. Then he took Sixth Avenue up to 59th Street, headed crosstown to Second Avenue and drove south until he hit Rivington Street.

He eventually hit his first red light in 27 minutes at Bowery and Prince Street.

Noah Forman's got a knack for green lights.

Noah Forman’s got a knack for green lights.

While there is no way to confirm if this is the most green lights caught in a row ever, it does beat Forman’s previous personal best of 186 — and there’s no video anywhere of anyone with more than the 240.

But Forman is not done with 240. As he told the NY Daily News, “I would love to take it further. Not any time soon. Maybe in a year or two, see if I could get 500.”