Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve seen the amount of style and bike skill that Tyler Bereman has shown as he’s come up through the ranks of free riding. Once a dedicated racer, Tyler’s path took him from 250 class main events to best whip contests and free riding in the hills creating content with all the big names. After making his presence known in the scene over the past few years and achieving accomplishments like earning X Games medals and winning Dirt Shark’s Biggest Whip Contest his talents have been recognized by Red Bull and he’s officially inked a deal to become one of their elite athletes. This was only a dream of Tyler’s as a young kid, and we recently sat down with him to talk about it. We look forward to what his talents and ideas will bring to the table in the years to come…

Congratulations Tyler, you've worked hard and have come a long way to get here.

I mean, it's one of those things that seems bigger than life you know? As a kid I was always telling myself how cool it would be to have a Red Bull helmet on. I've busted my ass and gone through a lot, and I'm blown away and it still doesn't feel real yet. I've obviously not been able to talk about it until now, but it's been on a pedestal and I'm not going to take this opportunity for granted. To have the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious thing and be able to live my dreams is the main thing. It wasn't an easy decision either, because Weedmaps has helped me out so much and brought me into so many big things too. But I realized that I think this is the right move for me and I am just going to take advantage of my time now and Red Bull's platform is second to none. Like I said, it doesn't feel real yet! I'm just excited to just get started on creating content and living out these fantasies or things in my head that I have always dreamed about doing but have never been able to or had resources to do. I literally can't even put it into words how excited and stoked for the future I am.

Having known you for quite some time, it's almost like you've consistently been the underdog for quite a few years. You would consistently be a part of the scene and often bust bigger than most. It's cool to see that get recognized.

Yeah, I didn't by any means just get handed an opportunity. I've worked a long time and real hard at it to get to where I'm at and that is how things work. I was kind of flying under the radar for a while. Yeah, I was doing it, but I didn't have these contracts. I was there because I love it and I wasn't getting paid. Everyone else would be there to get paid and I would be there for the love of it.

“No dream is too big.” – Tyler Bereman | Photo: Mike Emery

It's a lesson for the kids, do it for the love and never give up on your dreams.

Yeah, you learn it the hard way. Trial and error, failing and getting back up, all that –all the injuries and how hard I've worked to get to this point. Basically I hadn't had a platform to prove myself yet and I kind of worked my way in and got into X Games by qualifying in. I ended up getting the Real Moto thing going, and had a great year just being on that stage with those guys and letting my riding and personality on my bike speak for itself. Having fun goes a long way and it's a surreal feeling. It's one of those things that really hasn't set in yet.

What's on the agenda? What should people look out for?

I'm just going to create more content, and do some pieces with Red Bull. I want to do some cool stuff, and I am really influenced by other action sports. Being able to clash the cultures together and make something cool out of it would be cool. I just can't thank everyone enough that has helped me get here and allowed me to live my dream and do this. No dream is too big –this Red Bull thing seemed larger than life as a kid and here I am. I live and die by the phrase "nothing's impossible." I'm psyched.