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TWMX Race Series Racer Profile | Seth Laning

Age: 14
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Classes: Supermini Beginner, Mini Open Beginner
Sponsors: Factory Backing, Factory Seats, Tokyo Mods, Skullcandy

Seth Laning caught or eye at the Glen Helen Fall Classic Series finale today because he led his first moto wire-to-wire aboard a Honda CRF150R four-stroke. We caught up with him in between motos…

You ride a four-stroke in the Supermini class…can you tell me about why you made that decision?
I don’t like two strokes, I love the sound of four-strokes. I like the power behind a four-stroke and it will be an easier transition when I get on big bikes.

How long have you been racing and what led you to choose motocross?

I’ve only been racing for a year and I chose motocross because it’s the coolest sport I know.

Do you participate in any other sports or hobbies?

Yeah, I do BMX, I started BMX first then went into motocross.

What are your favorite types of tracks and track obstacles?

I love ruts and love big jumps. My favorite track is Milestone and it’s nice because it’s my closest track.

How seriously do you take your racing?

Really serious even though I just started riding.

Do you have any other friends you enjoy riding with? Or any classmates?

My friends Dorian and Derrick. I have one friend who rides at school, but he’s in a different grade.

At the TransWorld Race Series, we try to offer a better racing experience, what do you think of our events?

I got first overall for the Fall Classic series so I’m pretty pumped. I love your events with the double track set up and the fact that we get home and a pretty decent time too.

What is your favorite thing about being a motocross racer?

The thrill and everything that comes with it.

What would you rather do, holeshot a race and run away or come from behind to win?

Come from behind to win.

Tell me about your bike and why you chose it and what have you done to make it work well for you?

I have a 2007 Honda CRF150R. I got my shocks done by Pro Circuit, my whole engine redone by Tokyo Mods, and I have Tusk rims, that’s it!


When you come out here, does your whole family come with?

– Yeah, they come out with me.