TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Akira Narita
Age: 37
Hometown: Sendai, Japan
Classes Raced:  450 Pro, Pro Open, Vet Pro
Sponsors: Honda HRC, Fox Racing, Shoei, Ryno Power, AC Systems, Monster Energy, Dirt Freak, Abe G, Target

With 11 All Japan National Championships to his credit – and the most recent coming when he was 36 years old – Akira Narita is the greatest motocross racer Japan has ever produced. After finishing third in last year’s championship, Narita is determined to win his 12th title in 2018 and has been in SoCal for a few weeks now, training in preparation for the Japanese series kickoff on April 8.

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Akira, you are in SoCal for training. How has your trip been?

Perfect! So far so good. I like to come to California because I love it here. I also come for mountain bike training with Video Masa and your daddy.

You have raced several TWMX Race Series races before. How are they compared to races in Japan?

TWMX is better than Japan because there are so many fast guys on the gate, it is good for practice. Our motocross racing in Japan is not so popular.



Does riding and racing in California help you prepare for the All Japan National MX Championship Series?

Of course, I can find my weak point before my serious races and then figure out my lines or good settings for Japan race.

This year you will try to win your 12th Japanese championship, can you do it?

Of course! It is my goal! 2017 was a bad luck year for me, but 2018 will be better.


How long will you race professionally?

I have been a professional for 23 years now! I've been racing before you were born! I want to race until I am 40, I think…

What led you to choose motocross?

My dad raced motocross and I wanted to be like my dad. It is my passion. I love motocross.

Do you do any other sports or hobbies?

Mountain biking and golf. I don’t know if I am very good at them. (Laughs)


What are your favorite types of tracks?

I like the tracks in the United States. They are much better than Japan tracks. I have done some US Nationals before. I love Mt. Morris and Glen Helen.

You are here in the United States racing what looks like a stock CRf450R. Did you make any changes to it?

I changed the suspension. I have factory Showa spring forks and shock. And I just put on a Yoshimura exhaust for this race!