Vincent Wey, 7

Dewitt, MI

Sponsor: Mafia Moto Crew


The Transworld Race Series has been the sight of the first race for many young racers as they start out in motocross, and the Perris Raceway round of the Terra Firma Series was no different.  This time, however, one of the new racers was the son of Nick Wey.  Vincent came out to Perris for his first race, and though he had the typical first race mishaps, he proved he had been practicing and has the skills to be a strong competitor.  Vincent competed in the PeeWee Open and the PeeWee Starter classes and grabbed his first moto win and a 4th place overall in the PeeWee Starter class.  Throughout the day, Vincent was cheered on by his sister, younger brother as well as his parents.


How was your first day of racing?

It was good, I had a lot of fun!

What classes did you race?

I was in the PeeWee class..

How did you do in your races?

I did really good, I won one of the races.

What was the most fun thing you did during your racing?

I went really fast, it was all fun!


Were there a lot of fun jumps on the track?

Yes, there were a lot of fun jumps.  I went flying over them.

Did you fall down today?

Yes, I fell down once in practice and then on the start of my last race.

What happened that caused that to happen?

It was because of the sand that was on the track.  It made me fall over.

Do you like racing?  Do you want to keep doing it?

I really like it a lot, I want to do it more!

Would you like to be a professional racer like your father?

Yes, I want to do that.


Do you also want to race supercross someday like he did?


What is it about riding your motorcycle that makes it fun?

It is fun because it goes fast.

What other things do you do besides ride your motorcycle?

I like to ride my bicycle and do BMX.

What do you have more fun doing, BMX or motocross?

My motorcycle is more fun because it is faster.

Was the Transworld Race Series fun for you?

Yeah, I had a lot of fun racing.