Aden Keefer, 10

Hesperia, CA

Sponsors: Dad, Dirt Rider

Aden Keefer is a great example of the many kids of motocross families that come out to race the Transworld Race Series.  The son of Kris Keefer, a well known test rider and pro racer, he was in the pits with his family and friends as they all talked about the day’s races when we stopped by.  Aden was racing in his YZ85 in the Beginner 85/150F class and it was apparent that he had been working on his skills as he raced his motos.  Aden had a very smooth corner style and a never-give-up attitude from the drop of the gate until the checkered flag flew.


How did your racing go today at the Terra Firma Series?

The first moto went alright, I got a terrible start but kept going as best as I could and was about 5th on the last lap but then I landed on another kid that swapped out in front me and I went down.  I got back up and finished the race and ended up in 6th.  In the second moto I had a terrible start again, but I made my way through the pack and got 5th.

How do you like racing the Transworld Race Series?

They are pretty fun, there are some pretty fast kids out here and some good competition.  I like having competition so that is one thing I like.

How did you get started riding and racing motocross?

I got started racing dirt bikes because of my dad, he races and then I wanted to race, so one day I hopped on a KX65 and went out to a Transworld race here at Sunrise, just like today, and did pretty good.

Why do you like motocross compared to all the other sports you could play?

I like the competition and I also like working with my dad a lot.  I also really just like two wheels, going fast and I like to jump.  It is pretty fun for me.

Would you like to be a professional racer like your dad some day?

Oh yes!  For sure!  For sure.  I don’t want to be a football player, I’d much rather be a motocross racer.

What other activities do you have besides motocross?

I like to play football, and also go to school.  I also like to ride my scooter and hoverboard too.


Do you have a lot of friends that you ride and race with?

I do sometimes, otherwise I am by myself and I just focus on my own racing and not other kids.  I just want to do good and win.

Do you do any kind of training to help you with your racing?

I work out sometimes with my dad, I sometimes go for a run after school.  I also come to the track and we work on riding ruts and cornering.  I also have a rower and I do some rowing, so that’s all the things I do.

Do you spend a lot of time with your dad working on your skills and technique?

Yes, he works with me from time to time, I will be out doing motos and he will pull me over and tell me that I am doing this or that wrong, so I will go correct it and work on it, and then I will go back to doing my motos.

Who is your favorite supercross or motocross racer?

That is a tough question, I would have to say Ken Roczen.  He is a fast rider and he has good technique and I like to watch him ride.  I like to try to use the same technique that he does when I ride.